Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

After all the work and effort you’ve put into your yard this summer, it seems a shame to let it all go just because winter’s on its way. If you’re one of the many people who take pride in their yard and want to make sure it gets all the attention it needs even as the temperature starts to drop, there are several things you can do to give your yard a head start next spring. Having a great lawn next summer starts with everything you do for it this fall.

Give It a Good Rake

Few things are more detrimental to a healthy lawn than a thick layer of soggy leaves. A lawn covered in leaves isn’t getting any sunlight, and the layer of moisture trapped underneath will quickly kill the grass. It is important to remove the leaves as they fall rather than waiting until the trees are bare, as it doesn’t take long to cause damage.

Don’t Forget To Water

Just because it isn’t hot anymore doesn’t mean your lawn doesn’t still need moisture. Sure, there will be less evaporation, but most grass still needs around an inch of water per week.

Cut It To the Right Height

Once again, many people mistakenly believe they no longer have to cut their lawn when the weather turns since it isn’t growing as much anymore. But if you let it get too long without a trim, it will get matted under the snow and the roots are vulnerable.


This loosens the soil and makes it easier for oxygen, water, and nutrients to make their way to where they need to go.


Any time can work, but doing this immediately following aeration allows the fertilizer better access to the roots.

Seed It

One of the keys to producing a thick, weed-free lawn is to re-seed in fall, which will fill in bare patches next spring and increase lawn density.

Not everyone has the time or desire to continue working on their lawn as winter approaches. If you want to give your lawn the best care possible, call the experts at Green Acres today!

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Sandra F. Blue Bell, PA

“We are very pleased with the landscaping work that was performed. It is beautiful! We have actually received compliments from some of our neighbors regarding the work. We would like to extend a special thanks to Marisa for her patience during our many discussions. She was very pleasant and offered sound advice regarding our project. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you again!”

Sandra F. Blue Bell, PA

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“The professional landscaping work performed by Green Acres to second to none. The satisfaction we have had with your expertise is impeccable. A newly installed perimeter fence around our property has been the talk of the neighbors. We couldn’t believe the quality of your work and price. We greatly appreciated using you, and will be sure to continue to contract with you in the future!”

Don & Rosemarie G- Lansdale, PA


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